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Apple Wood Hollow Form: Advanced Woodturning Project - Page 1

The resultant form from an effort to not burn what should be beautiful albeit difficult wood to turn.

small apple log for woodturning

I brought a small apple log into the shop. It is about 36" long and 8" or 9" in diameter. There is a large crease down the side, almost to the center of the log. It looks like an old injury that healed as more scar than cover.

irregularly shaped stump in workshop

The stump has a large gap 7" or 8" long and is irregularly shaped, like most stump wood.

cracks in the end of the log

The other end reveals as many cracks as the first.

cracks are deep for turning away

So I removed a few inches and considered the wood for turning. There were still a lot of cracks to consider.

cracks go through the log

I marked the center of the piece and the cracks on one end. At first I considered cutting in past the cracks, and

material for decorative woodturning

a look at the other end of the log section convinced me that there was a good chance of getting some decorative pieces out of this log.