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Apple Wood Hollow Form: Advanced Woodturning Project - Page 2

The rather awkward piece of wood is prepared with a chain saw and then mounted on the wood lathe by means of a faceplate

branch implies more grain decoration

A branch projection declared more grain and color and decided me to put the top at this end as did the major split so as to make it a design feature.

wood turning design on the piece itself

Then, very roughly following the contours of the piece I sketched out a possible design on the face of the wood, leaving space for a faceplate on the bottom and depth for 1" screws.

branch removed with a saw

Under the belief that the "saw is mightier than the lathe" I removed the branch projection from the side. This gives more balance to the piece, eliminates unecessary turning, and is faster overall.

section oriented on the lathe

Carefully I identify exactly how I would like the section oriented on the lathe,

chainsaw to flatten an area

and use the chainsaw to flatten an area parallel to the top and sufficiently flat to hold the face plate.

the piece is mounted to the lathe

A 3" face plate is fastened on with 4 1" long #14 self tapping sheet metal screws and the piece is mounted to the lathe.