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Apple Wood Hollow Form: Advanced Woodturning Project - Page(5)

While the wood is on the lathe, I like to draw and design on the form, making changes as necessary.

With the bottom line established I am now abel to do some more design. It looks like an incurve would be good at the top,

So I go and turn away some of the upper third. I am beginning to like the shape of the opening.

The grain is great and I have to be careful not to get so caught up in the color that it interferes with the design instead of being a part of it. I find it easy to be so taken by the grain that I would just as soon stop, varnish the piece and leave without really looking for a good design and curve.

I am not much at drawing and would rather draw right on the block as anywhere else. I find this helps get a feeling for the wood to come off.

Rotating the piece slightly helps to get a feel for where the lines will go. There is nothing here that can not be changed later, after all, the lines will be turned away

So I think I am looking at a traditional vase shape with a slight incurve at the top and a bottom slightly smaller than the top.