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Work in Progress - Spruce Burl Form

Part - 10 - turning the bottom

Using a freshly sharpened 3/16" Oland I turn away the glue block working down hill to the base of the burl and along the bottom of the burl to the edge of the block. This is not the time or place for a catch so proceed slowly and carefully. I keep saying that to myself as I go as this close to the end there can be temptation to rush the finish. woodturning project: removing the glue block
As I near the center I begin to form the remainder of the block into an inverted cone. If you plan on sanding the bottom while on the wood lathe, this is the time. However, I have elected to do the sanding off the lathe. wood turning project: glue block center cone
With the cone reduced to a tip of about 3/16" or a little less, I turn off the lathe and bring up a 1/2" carpenter's chisel. Now with the lathe off I give it a couple of turns by hand and ... woodworking lathe tip: removing the center cone
the cone pops off. I am left with a little nubbin to sand away and the base to sand. It is already a little concave and the sanding merely needs to follow that inward curve. woodworking lathe tip: ready for sanding
For this I sand the bottom on a pad mounted to the bowl lathe. The pad is a little under 5" and mounted to a threaded glue block. wodturning tip; sanding pad on bowl lathe
It is velcro covered to hold the hook and loop pads used by my random orbital sander. Grits from 60 or 80 up to 220 can be easily used and changed. woodworking sanding using random orbital pads

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