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Work in Progress - Spruce Burl Form

Part -11- finishing up

Following 220 the scratches are removed and the bottom ready to go on. I rarely feel the need to proceed further up the grits on the bottom but your mileage may vary. woodturning project: sanding the bottom
I like to burn my name, the type of wood and the year along the bottom. For this I use my Razortip Wood Burner but a pen with indelible ink such as an ultrafine Sharpie works well. woodturning technique: signing the bottom
A coat of finish brings out the grain. Over the next few days the whole piece will get four to eight thin coats of finish until I think it looks right. woodworking tip: finishing
So here are a few shots of the finished product, each from a slightly different angle or rotation. In this one the negative spaces clearly show the contrast between the inside and outside of the vessel. woodworking lathe hollow vessel
The contrast between the shimmering surface burl and the bark inclusion is striking. wodturning hollow vessel: burl surface
The incurved areas such as this one could have been carved away for more negative space but in this case it allows for a different feeling to the piece simply by rotating it a little. wodturning technique: negative space
The "bull's eye" from the branch is clearly evident. wod truning tip: branch ends
A view from the top again contrasts the inside and outside, both from the lack of finish to the interior and the lack of sanding. I like to leave the inside of vases and hollow vessels this way both because of the ease of finishing and for the varied appearances of the surfaces. It does tend to allow people to realize how much work has gone into the piece when the surfaces are contrasted. woodtruning hollow form top view

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