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Woodturning an Incurved Winged Bowl - Page 2

So far the idea is to turn a standard natural edged bowl.

starting from the bottom to turn a natural edged bowl

Anticipating a naturnal edged bowl, I start from the bottom. This tamarack is more dry than I thought.

removing the top edge

Even though the bark is too dry to stay on I start a bit from the top to remove that already turned edge.

second thoughts on designing the top edge

The edge is starting to go but I am getting second thoughts about the final shape. It begins to look good with a return curve at the top.

the curve is starting to take form

Look at the curve starting to form. I am glad now that did not take the quick way out and remove the ends with the chain saw.

 contrast with the heart and sap wood

Look at the way it pulls the eye around the grain. This is looking good. What a contrast with the heart and sap wood. The big rings are usual with tamarack which is a fast growing, needled hardwood. This form calls for a coffee and maybe two.