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Woodturning an Incurved Winged Bowl - Page 14

At long last it is time to sign and get a finish on the bowl.

signing the bowl with a wood burner

I like to sign my name with my Razortip™ wood burner.

name, wood type and year.

Each piece gets name, wood type and year.

varnish thinned with paint thinne

For a finish I am using varnish thinned with paint thinner and applied with a pad of old cloth. After only a few minutes, the excess is wiped off with paper towel or facial tissue

Even the first coat makes a difference

Even the first coat makes a difference, giving a lovely amber glow to the piece inside

One face

One face

The other side

The other side

the other face.

and the other face. Over the next while, more coats will add more depth to the finish.