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Woodturning an Incurved Winged Bowl - Page 3

Bringing the shape into a fairer curve calls for re-examining the form.

brining the ends to a fair curve

I brought the ends more into a fair curve and re-examined the form. There was nothing to lose since the ends would have to come in another 1/2" each to bring it to a natural edge past the previous lathe cuts.

some of the interior turned away

Burning my bridges, I took out some of the interior, leaving a narrow edge and implying a narrow walled bowl. There is not much left to creat a naturnal edge, although it could be done. I am hollowing with the 1/4" Oland so far.

a lot of wood will need to be turned away

A bit deeper in and I am beginning to get an idea of just how much wood is going to have to come out of this piece. A lot.

the sides are beginning to be broken through

A bit deeper still and I broke through the sides a touch. There is a flat bottom and a sort of straight although slanted side. With a bit of work it maight be possible to have a square looking side on one of these but with rounded ends and top. Of course a flat top is possible too. I have a pile of pin cherry outside for future trials. Hmmmm.

design is called for as the shape changes

Looking inside you can see where the hollowing has started. I have begun to use a 45* degree tool to reach under the lip. A few things are now evident.

  1. The outside should be sanded now to allow for a thin wall. There is no need for a decorative piece like this to have a thicker wall.
  2. The arm brace tool is too awkward for use over the lathe bed like this so one of the following need to happen
    1. I need to make a new handle for the shaft
    2. I need to rotate the headstock 45* and use the arm brace
    3. I need to make a free standing tool rest for this lathe. The tool rest for the bowl lathe is too tall for this lathe and I have left my wall option too thin to risk removing the face plate from this lathe and placing it on the other as it may not be exactly concentric.