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Cleaning the Workshop

Planning and general thought helps once again

This calls for a visit to the rules for cleaning the shop and likely other places as well.
  1. Move everything that can be moved.
    1. Big stuff will wait until later but things need to be cleaned underneath and all around.
    2. Throw out the junk
    3. In the workshop have boxes ready and box up the kindling. There will be some. If you do not burn wood you likely have a friend that does.
    4. Be ruthless or you will be buried in small pieces of scrap.
  2. Keep the good stuff but clean it.
  3. If you do not want it and someone else can use it box it, put it in the trunk of the car where it is in the way, and drop it off at your earliest convenience at the Salvation Army, Good Will or what have you. Having a full trunk will force convenience.
  4. Ditto for stuff that needs to go to recycle or it will sit for another 5 years.
  5. Put clean stuff back with a system.
Now a quick circle around to give you an idea of the scope.

There is a table saw under there and shelves with drying or dried projects and scrap or other wood behind. The shop vac needs new home, that chair is in bad shape and the plastic box is full of finished stuff and needs to be stored. The cabinet has been used to hold boxes for projects on top and packing stuff inside.
Table saw in the woodturning shop
There is that table saw, a router table and more projects and wood. I have another half cord of burls, half cord or dried wood of various sorts, green apple wood and a large rack of planks and such in the other areas of the garage as well as wood outside. Addiction is a terrible thing. The router table and the table saw cabinet are both movable with caution and are filled with filled drawers.
We might get to cleaning them too.
It could happen.
Burls and wood in the shop
Over against the wall are a couple of combination bench and vises. You can not have too many. The chop saw and the sander are sitting on a couple. One of these days I need to make dedicated cabinets or them. The planer has become a setting for unfinished projects. It is on a cabinet on rollers as well. The pegboard on the wall holds some face plates and other bits and pieces of lathe stuff. Portable work benches and other tools
The blue lathe in the center is my bowl lathe and is fastened to the floor. So is the Craftsman lathe beside it. There is a bowl mounted on it for final sanding and finishing. In the front is a small rolling cabinet with lathe tools and the grinder setup. Back in the corner is the dust collector. The hose from it is connected to the bowl lathe. Two of the wood lathes and the grinder
Here is my old, faithful 10" band saw and behind it the drill press. Under the window and hard to see from here is another lathe. I like it for spindle work. The band saw and drill press are not on mobile bases and need to be. Woodturner's bandsaw and lathe

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