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Cleaning the Workshop

Wheeled machines make the woodworking shop of any kind a kinder place.

Believe it or not, these bags are full of small burls both soft and hardwood, ranging from about 2 to 6 inches.   small burls both soft and hardwood
Sample from the top layers. Back they go into the bags. Sample burls  from the top layers.
A clock I make for one of my daughters. It needs the mechanism and hands replaced. It has never been the same since her last move when the box got dropped. She never told me how many stairs.  A clock I make for one of my daughters.
Progress. The next step is get a coffee and decide whether to do the shelves later or clear floor space to move everything from where they are now, clear the shelves and redo. Coffee sounds good right now. Why did I not do this five years ago?  Progress. The next step is get a coffee
Progress? It's a good thing I had that coffee. Ok. I have decided to clean up the shelf section. First I need access to everything there. So this section needs tidying to place some of the stuff and then I can clean the rest. The problem is, things in the house and around the yard have a way of demanding immediate attention and tools need to be accessible. A path needs to be kept so as to get to any tools that may be needed. It does not have to be huge but it does need to be there.
Also, there needs to be a lot of space to move and stash and then make way for the next cleaning section. Notice the table saw and router table have been moved? Most of my machines are on wheels. I like it in general and it is almost mandatory for something like this. Also I have swept the floor in this area. That will happen a lot.   there needs to be a lot of space to move and stash

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