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Cleaning the Workshop

Motors in the madness, or, anything stays

This is the old pump that broke down and I could not get parts for, so it has been sitting here. The motor works and under the rule that says there are never too many motors in the shop, I will take the pump off and keep the motor. I am going to put some liquid wrench stuff on the nuts for a few days first.  old pump that broke down and I could not get parts
This is the old headstock from my Craftsman lathe. I got it replaced for free when they went from DC variable speed to the Reeves Drive. So this is either my emergency replacement for a lathe that has worked well for better than ten years, or maybe a variable speed sander or something. For now it moves.  the old headstock from my Craftsman lathe
Speaking of unfinished projects, these baskets are parts cut for ball and icicle Christmas ornaments. Looks like me and my skews are due for a couple of days of marathon turning. The guy who wanted them for a craft shop changed his mind.  parts cut for ball and icicle Christmas ornaments
Here we have a couple of mystery boxes. I am not sure what is in them but they were hidden well.  a couple of mystery boxes
Progress. The recycle bag is filling and the garbage not too bad. Next is the spot behind the table saw where the jigs live. Yuck. But first, the mystery boxes.  Progress in the wood shop cleanup

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