Around the Woods

Cleaning the Workshop

Finding Gems in the Woodturning Shop

Be careful as you clean and toss. This little ring box was in the clutter. I am not sure how long it was missing but it was turned back in 1999. Found a ring box turned back in 1999
Not a bad grain match up, especially in ash which is pretty unforgiving. grain match up
It has a good, tight fit and you can feel the vacuum when the cover comes off. Tight fitting box cover
Here is an oak spurtle for the kitchen. No telling when I turned it. foak spurtle
This is real treasure. Wrapped up in some of the cloths on the cabinet were some carvings of my daughter's from the time before she left home. These were marked from a show we did together back in 2001. She started carving with me when I made her a set of carving tools back when she was nine. She still has the old set and still carves. I am sure she will be glad to get these back. I was delighted to see them and I am sure she will be delighted to get them back. some carvings of my daughter's

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