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Cleaning the Workshop - Page 39

Starting in on the lathe corner.

As you look into the bandsaw, you notice the abundance of dust and the swarf on the wheel. This will need to be cleaned and the machine vacuumed and blown clear of dust. 	Inside the bandsaw
I will do more of a writeup on the care and setup of the bandsaw and for that matter the tablesaw in the future. It would really bog down the pages here and they are getting a bit more than I anticipated anyway. For now I left the blade off, cleaned out the dust and put the cover back on. 	Bandsaw ready to be put away for now.
The floor is cleaned around it and the bandsaw is moved a bit. This old friend is heavy! One of these days it has to have wheels, definitely. 	Bandsaw given a bit of a move for now
The Record bowl lathe is in need of a good going over. Not only is it full of dust and shavings where it attached to its bench (pillar?) but also some of the dust is held in place with dried sap from wet turning. 	Record bowl lathe is in need of a good going over
Check to make sure the belt is in good condition, blow and vacuum out the dust and debris, and lubricate anything that moves. I like a dry lubricant like a graphite spray. 	Clean and lubricate
Next the big Craftsman. I know the belts are in good shape but it really needs a cleaning. This whole corner is a disaster. 	Next the big Craftsman.

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