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Cleaning the Workshop at Home

Round and round the circle

Here is my workbench with so much stuff on it that it is almost useless. It needs some serious redesign one of these days or years. In front is one of those vise benches that are so great to have. Too many lathe tools hang on the wall but I do use most of them. Well buried workbench
So here is a tool chest with a home made one sitting on top. Both are too full to believe. The shelves to the right need some serious purging. The stool at center has three platters waiting to be finished, one having a wooden faceplate on it. Clamps hang hither and yon. I need a better system for them. Tool chests next to a crowded corner
Did I say serious purging? Some of this stuff I just stood there and threw it on and in. Believe it or not that really is a broom handle connected to a broom. Side wall shelves and cabinet
And that takes me back to the door and a lot of work to do. In the mean time I also have to get some turning done and be a husband, father and grandfather. Maybe even do some work. Back to the beginning
Oh yeah, there is miscellaneous stuff on the floor too. Ouch. Workshop floor and a lot of sturr
So I have decided to start at the beginning. Mary Poppins said it was a very good place to start and who am I to argue with Mary Poppins? Step 1 is to move the stuff that does not belong, most of it, and the shop vac placed elsewhere. Ready to start the woodworker style cleanup

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