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Cleaning the Workshop

Getting Started With Baby Steps

The foam was used in a house project and was put elsewhere; finished projects were moved with other finished stuff; the chair will be dealt with and was moved to another part of the shop. Boxes of scrap destined for kindling were stacked in another part of the garage for kindling. Getting the first steps done in workshop Cleanup
Meanwhile, the table saw has been cleared on top, the fence removed and the blade lowered, leaving me with a flat surface to work on. The table saw is clared for use as a flat surface
The chair has been sitting in the shop for ages. In the meantime I have repaired three other chairs and two stools. The stools had been destined for the dump but I got them free, fixed them, had them claimed by my wife, and they are now at use in the house. Good. There was no room in the shop. This chair is not worth the work An old chair not worth saving
So me and the band saw had a chat with the chair and there is some great kindling and small firewood.
Do this kind of thing as you go. It clears room and saves a lot of effort at the end.
The old chair as kindling
The stuff has been moved from the cabinet top and rough sorted. Garbage has been tossed and some things put in the recycle. Not much yet for Good Will. I wiped down the top. The stuff has been moved from the cabinet top
The table saw, on the other hand, is in use. Back when I was doing production turning like 100 pens a shot or a couple of hundred mushrooms or the like, I used a lot of boxes to hold parts for turning, finishing and so on. I seem to still have a lot of them. They need to be wiped down or washed. Rags should be washed before using for cleaning supplies and especially before finishing. Piling stuff on the table saw for later sorting.

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