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Cleaning the Workshop - Page 24

Burls and bird's eye and clean shelves to hold them.

But the color is too good to toss. Incidentally, some people like to use paint thinner to bring out the color temporarily. I like to use denatured alcohol or methyl hydrate. It is used to cut shellac and I would rather use something like that on wood.  the color is too good to toss
Break time. I left some sawdust and shavings down. The weatherman is calling for more rain. This is a weird winter.  some sawdust and shavings down
The bottom shelf reveals a colletion of small burls most of which are around 8" or so in size.  a colletion of small burls
The only reasonable thing to do is start another bag of burls. The bags are awkward for storage but they do work and they breath well and seem to help in the drying. Of course most of these burls are dry as dust anyway.  another bag of burls.
Progress is being made. Every now and then it is necessary on a project like this to step back and realize it is good. After all, every piece is calling to the lathe.  Progress is being made.
Lots of progress. Of course that means more firewood, more great wood and some treasures that may never get used, but they sure are great.  Lots of progress.

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