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Cleaning the Workshop - Page 23

If it's bird's eye, it has got to be good.

Another is quickly started. I realize that I should be sorting even more to the kindling pile but it is hard to do so. There will later on have to be a species separation as well, but for now a reasonable speed is needed.  Another is quickly started.
A box filled with blocks which I define as maybe spindles but bigger. Mostly just wood I want to keep regardless of size and shape. A box filled with blocks
A quick trip to the scrap wood pile lends a couple of pieces of wood to become a bottom shelf support as well as off the floor supports to the right of the shelves.    a bottom shelf support
Some conveniently sized scrap plywood and the bottom shelves are off the presently wet floor.  bottom shelves are off the presently wet floor
Look at the eyes in this. It is just thick enough for turning pens. Getting bird's eye dense enough with eyes for pens is tricky and I hoard the pieces I can find.  bird's eye dense enough with eyes for pens
This piece is about 18" long, 12" of which are usable, This piece is about 18” long

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