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Cleaning the Workshop

mystery boxes and just plain stuff

Mystery Box #1. I do not think either of these boxes were opened since we moved here in 2001. From left to right and front to back:
  1. 1/8" square leather lace
  2. black face paint and a mirror from my clown days (yes, white face, rainbow hair and all)
  3. ping pong balls
  4. 10 wood burning pens from the days I taught a bit of it to kids (I now have a Razortip which is a dream to use. No affiliation but satisfaction.)
  5. Looong rubber bands, still flexible, which I used as clamps for some of the guitar repair I used to do.
  6. Wire
  7. Glow in the dark sticks (why not?)
  8. Pipe cleaners my grandkids will love
  9. Ping pong net and paddles (as if I could play).
  10. Behind the pipe cleaners is a fantastic water balloon filler. I have never found one like it.
  11. A bag of pewter bird feet for carving.
  12. A wood form painted as a snake.
  13. Assorted wire.
I will keep the wire and elastics, the mirror will go in my travelling shaving kit, my daughter gets a couple of burning pens, the grandkids will play with the glowsticks and pipe cleaners, and New To You gets the rest.
Oh, my daughter tells me we used some of this including the burning pens at a summer camp just 7 years ago.
Mystery Box #1
Mystery Box #2. Left to right and front to back sort of.
  1. Lettering templates and small dividers
  2. G and A harmonicas which I tend to call mouth harps for some strange reason
  3. Folding magnifying glass, clarinet reeds (I do not play) and dead masking tape
  4. Pencils, two sided tape, D'Addario banjo strings (still the brand I use) for a 5 string and a guitar capo
  5. Sanding material, guitar patch cord and a shoulder strap.
  6. Martin guitar strings (still the brand I use), index file box, candlestick, a couple of packages of stick pens
  7. small rubber bands, loose index cards, animal balloons (Qualitex 260's, great stuff) and a box of miscellaneous guitar and banjo picks
  8. a few more pens, a couple of penny whistles and a soprano recorder
The music items go into the house, any dry pens were trashed as were dried balloons, index cards recycled and some to the New to You run by a handicapped shelter. Nice people.
  Mystery Box #2
Here are a couple of cutting sleds and a tool rack made for mounting on a cabinet or wall. The sleds will be kept and maybe the rack, if needed.  a couple of cutting sleds and a tool rack
Make that two racks. These will just be leaned against something until the stuff is neatly restored to place.  A second tool rack was found
This frame holds a window blind that I use as a backdrop for taking pictures of turnings. It is a keeper.   backdrop holder for taking pictures of wood turnings

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