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Cleaning the Workshop - Page 55

Still cruising the cabinets

This rechargeable screw driver is ok, but it is really for light work. Most of the time I use a drill for driving screws or for that matter, just do it by hand. 	rechargeable screw driver  for light work
Hand grinder. Again, it is one of those perennial present things. On the other hand, I have enough of them that I usually keep one set up with a grinder just for sharpening the band saw. 	Hand grinder.
Yep. Drill bits. Lots. 	Drill bits.
Ratchet bit driver set. It's hard to believe but this has been a handy little set for hard to reach places. I do not need it often but it is great to have on those rare occasions. 	Ratchet bit driver set
Lamp parts for making wooden lamps. There are some more similar parts around the shop to gather into the same place. 	Lamp parts for making wooden lamps.
Various driver bits for the drill. I need to gather these sorts of things into one location too. One of the purposes of a major clean like this is determine these sorts of future activities. 	Various driver bits for the drill

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